What should I do if the metering masterbatch machine malfunctions?


The metrological masterbatch machine system is a type of system that controls the torque, speed, and angle of the motor, converting electrical energy into mechanical energy, and achieving motion requests of the moving machinery.

As the executing agency of the metrological masterbatch machine, the hybrid masterbatch machine system integrates power electronic devices, control, driving, and maintenance. With the advancement of digital pulse width modulation skills, special motor material skills, microelectronics skills, and modern control skills, it has gone through many development processes. Once the mixed color masterbatch machine is started, the external secure wire of the driver will be burned out, and the equipment will not work.

During inspection, the repair personnel found that a power tube was damaged, but due to the lack of materials, the effect of the tube was unclear. They thought it was a front propulsion driven by power and replaced it with a power tube. After being powered on, it was safely burned again, and the replaced tube was also damaged.

After inspection by the repair engineer, the initial analysis was correct, that is, if the fuse is reliably repeatedly blown, there must be some abnormal high current in the driver, and it was found that a power transistor was damaged. But the effect of the tube is not clear. In fact, this tube is a stepper motor power drive tube, and the stepper motor is started with high voltage, so it needs to withstand high voltage and high current. Upon static inspection, it was found that the resistance from the power supply to the ground terminal in the circuit of the pulse ring distributor is very small, but there is no short circuit.

Based on the number of components in the circuit and their power consumption analysis, the resistance value from the power supply to the ground should not be so small, thus it is suspected that there are already damaged components in the circuit.

A metering controller suitable for injection molding, extrusion, or blow molding production, used for active mixing of new, secondary materials, color masterbatch, or additives.

This color masterbatch machine controller can be applied to various servo motors or precision stepper motors, and in cooperation with a dedicated microcomputer controller, it can measure the proportion of color masterbatches and additives added. This color master machine controller can connect with the signals of various molding machines to work synchronously, ensuring the consistency of product performance.

When you find a problem with the metering masterbatch machine, don't panic. First, check if it is caused by short circuits, blockages, and other reasons. You can solve it yourself; If the situation is relatively serious, then seek the help of professional maintenance personnel to solve it.