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Masterbatch proportioning metering system

  • New plant planning
  • Old factory upgrading
  • Technical consultant

    New plant planning

    Thoroughly understand the customer's production process, industry characteristics, technical consultants communicate and discuss in detail, and develop solutions.

    Save space
    Professional design to make full use of space
    Efficient and smooth
    Fully consider the process flow to make the planning more reasonable, efficient and smooth
    Expandable upgrade
    At the beginning of the design, space is reserved for future upgrading and expansion
    Strong adaptability
    Customized products according to customers' conditions to match customers' actual production needs

    Old factory upgrading

    Understand the current situation of customer production management in detail, consider the problem factors in the transformation process in the overall situation according to the customer's needs, and carry out scientific redesign and planning adjustment to better realize the needs, improve customer benefits, and enlarge the transformation value.

    Reduce losses
    Avoid damaging the original design and rationalize the transformation and upgrading
    Improve efficiency
    Integrate previous resources, optimize production links and efficiency
    Cost savings
    Reduce labor dependency and cost through software and hardware collaboration
    Strengthen management
    Make full use of automation and information technology and scientific management

    Technical consultant

    Diagnose the production situation of customers and give professional advice
    Technical support
    Technical solution guidance and on-site equipment operation training
    Service response
    24 Respond to customers' needs and create a pleasant service experience
    Return visit maintenance
    Implement proactive and preventive after-sales service measures

Color Masterbatch Proportioning Metering System

The weight of raw materials is different, such as color masterbatch particles, calcium carbonate, new materials, and recycled materials. During the transportation process, there will be layering, resulting in low product qualification rate. Our product solves material layering and improves quality.

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